Summer 2014 part 1. North Adriatic

After an interesting drive we arrived at the boat on Saturday afternoon. Wanderer was already waxed and polished and waiting in the water. Excellent service from Dario.


Also the new 50 meter of anchor chain was on board, I only had to attach the Rocna.

Sunday we spent with getting the final provisions, diesel and water. I had a hard time changing the oil filter. Firstly because it is in an awkward position and I had to completely remove the gangway. Hallberg Rassy’s quality construction was dismantled and then I found out that the spares I had ordered for my Perkins where not the correct ones. Fortunately I had another fitting genuine Perkins oil filter. I also checked the impeller, pumped the dinghy and completed the whole to-do list. Weather forecast for Monday was good with Bora for Tuesday. Later that Sunday a huge hail storm passed over us which dented my car but no damage on Wanderer. Even the small cups of the wind meter survived!


Monday morning August 4, 2014, saw us leaving around 9 AM as we set course South for the bay Kolotar on the South side of Island Cres (pronounced Sres). Approximately 25’. Lots of dolphins around.

Croatia 2014 033

The wind was light and East, the sky clouded, especially above the mountains on the mainland. A sure sign of Bora. At 1400 we were at the mooring in this beautiful bay.

Wanderer 2014 026

Tuesday morning and the wind was howling and screaming but we lay well protected and the temperature was good so we all went swimming. We later took the dinghy to the shore to see the state of the Sea and afterwards walked (far and long) the path to Punta Kriza and from there on the road to the camping on the other side where we had a great pizza and some cold drinks. Back at the mooring we met the friendly couple who collect the fees (114 Kuna for Wanderer) and the garbage. They also come in the morning to sell fresh bread and pastries, a welcome service!

Wanderer 2014 018

The next day still Bora, the Meteo center in Split warns for NE gusts of 50 knots. We decide to walk to the Meli bay. We follow a small South bound trail which leads into the forest but a meeting with a wild boar scares everyone and we return to find the main path to the bay. Wow, it’s definitely worth the walk, beautiful scenery and clean clear water for swimming. Sun in our eyes and salt on the skin. In the evening, back on board, we prepare spaghetti and we notice the wind decreasing.

Wanderer 2014 037

Thursday, August 7. Our neighbours on a Bavaria 40 try to get out of the bay but there are big rollers over the bar and they turn around and re-moor next to us. An hour later we leave, around 1300, passing well away from the underwater dangers and after reaching deep water we roll out a part of the genny and we are on the way to the island Pag, another 25 miles. Later the wind changes to NW 2-3 Beaufort. Course 130 degrees to Simuni where we can provision on water and electricity to load the Kindles in this excellent harbour. We arrive around 17.30 and after showers head off to the restaurant Villa Olea for the famous Pag cheese and ham.

Wanderer 2014 054

Friday, August 8. What a perfect day!

Wanderer 2014 061

West to South West winds, Wanderer is doing very well between 4 and 7 Knots with full sails all the way to Veli Iz on…..Iz island. We leave at 10.45 and we arrive at 4 in the afternoon. It’s pretty hot now.

Wanderer 2014 077

Saturday, August 9. There’s a light wind which brings us in 3 hours to the little harbour of Bozava on Dugi Otok (= long island). Although we arrive around noon the whole harbour is full of ships already. We take the last position next to where the ferry will be. All fenders out.

Wanderer 2014 081Wanderer 2014 079

We take the ancient path over the mountain to Soline where we find this nice beach bar. Cold beer and Blues music from R.L. Burnside & The Sound Machine; fantastic!

Wanderer 2014 086

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