Hallberg Rassy Monsun

SY Wanderer

Hallberg Rassy 31 Monsun

some pictures as we first saw her in Brouwershaven

Monsun 815

Long keel

Monsun 817

Strong rudder, protected prop

Monsun 851

New Perkins

Monsun 889

High Quality from Hallberg Rassy, still looking great after all those years.

Before we had her trucked to Croatia (with Van de Wetering) we renewed the complete standing rigging, most seacocks, hoses, batteries, etc.

I also brought my own 2 GPS, a new Whale Gusher, a new Vetus waterlock, fishfinder, lamps,a storm sail, a new dinghy, navigation tools, charts, Pilots, fire extinguishers, plates, safety equipments, flags, boxes of spares, ropes and tools and all the other stuff you carry normally.

As with any ship I still have a long list of to-do and to-buy but that we will do over the years and when we will be Wandering further. (Greece, Turkey and Italy are on the to-sail list).

I will add later the complete inventory.

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