420 Racer

I bought a used 420 on Ebay. It came with a combi beach / road trailer and everything else, minus the sails. Imagine going over the M25 doing 40 miles / hour and trucks passing my car and trailer. After getting on the M1 I even got hope I might just make it till home!

Milton Keynes-20140222-00023 (2)

A 420 is a 2 person sailing dinghy with trapeze and spinnaker and really fast. We plan to sail it at the local club and after some training with my young crew we may even enter the Sunday competition……but before that…some work to do to get her back in top shape.

Milton Keynes-20140302-00032 (2)

some dents, scratches and cracks but structurally she’s fine

Milton Keynes-20140302-00031 (2) Milton Keynes-20140302-00030 (2)

Glassfibre, epoxy and putty does wonders

IMG-20140321-00044 (2)

And so does Toplac

IMG-20140309-00042 (2) IMG-20140309-00041 (2)

And a new rudder is coming as well:

IMG-20140308-00035 (2)

As soon as we get a day without wind and some warm temperature (in March in the UK?) I will do the deck. Pictures hopefully soon!

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