Albin Vega

Our first ship was a Snapdragon 22, also sold as Invader 22.  I bought this in Holland and had it trucked to Lake Balaton in Hungary, where I was living at the time.

We had years of fun and adventures with this ship on this beautiful lake.

Our next two ships were named Sonja & Babs, after our daughters.


Babs is Vega nr 2151 and is still sailing on Lake Balaton in Hungary. She has a new Beta Marine installed and had almost new sails.

warsaw 135

Sonja is Vega nr 1950 with a Yanmar and fully equipped. This was our first ship in Croatia. She is now sailing from Montenegro.

warsaw 172warsaw 326

Over the years I had some boat projects; one of them was the toilet;

warsaw 411

New thru-hull

warsaw 413warsaw 414

fresh paint

warsaw 415

warsaw 418


warsaw 420

Interior after renovation

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