Summer 2017

vakantie2017 012August 1 Departure

Yesterday and this morning we spent provisioning and preparing Wanderer for the trip.

Food, water and 170 liters of diesel.

We leave just after noon towards Rab, approximately 25’ to the South.

The weather is fine, light winds and warm, it takes us 5 hours to the ACI Marina.

vakantie2017 001


2nd of August to Silba

We left at 0900, wind is SE and very light although there is a warning for a strong NorthWester later, course South again. Good to be on the Sea again. Half past one we arrive and like last year here in the very small harbour there is no water or electricity but now a lot of mooring lines are also missing. No problem, we use the spare anchor and are off to beach. In the evening we stroll through the little town and sit on the ferry quay on the other side of the island to see the sun go down.


3rd of August via Molat to Soline, island Dugi Otok

The morning forecast on gives us no warnings and we are on the way to Molat.

It’s clouded and there is still a big swell from yesterday, when we arrive at Molat at 11.30 the ‘new’ harbour master lets us know all empty places have been reserved days in advance. What a mess, looks like we are not the only ones who like Molat. Again this summer is very busy in Croatia. We turn around in the tight and very shallow harbour with the Monsun and are off to Soline, 1 hour further, where we take the last mooring buoy in front of the camping, where there are showers and a good restaurant. Swimming here is great.

When we later in the week try to call the Molat harbour master again he is not picking up his phone, maybe he doesn’t want any visiting yachts.

 vakantie2017 006

4th of August Brbinj

In the morning we take a short sail to Brbinj, there is a quay with water & electricity and it’s well protected. There are also mooring buoys further on. Apart from a small shop and a restaurant this is a very quiet place. I check the rigging and the engine, fill up the diesel from the jerry cans.

Good swimming at the end of the quay, it is still very hot.

 BabsSept2017 2107

5th of August Veli Iz

Harbour is already filled up when we arrive around 11 and we get a place on the main quay. We have to get an extension to take on fresh water. Fresh ice-cream and coffee on the town square.

We have a lot of fun swimming and we get more food supplies, shops are good and plenty here.



6th of August Tkon

The harbour is still a mess but we got a place anyway. Electricity and water is working.

This beach is very popular with locals, beware of sea urchins though. The moderate Bora arrives at night and we stay here for 2 days. We love the restaurant at the sea next to the ferry quay.

 BabsSept2017 730

August 8th, Tkon to Murter.

There is a slight breeze, W-SW. We leave at 08.45 and we drop the anchor in the bay around 11.30.

Dinghy in the water, everyone swimming. In the afternoon we talk a walk in the town and I bring diesel from the fuel station and food supplies from the Konzum. Maintenance in the afternoon.


August 9th

Back to Tkon with SE winds, good weather.

 BabsSept2017 863

August 10th

In 3 hours we get to Sali, where at 1100 the harbour is already filling up. The wind goes from NW to N and stays in NE. Engine hours now 370. Sali is one of our favorite harbours, well protected. Good shops and restaurants. The Marinero’s are top and friendly.

Due to strong winds we stay here a couple of days.

August 13th, early departure and with shorts stops in Bribinj and Sverinac we arrive in a strong NW in the Marina of Veli Rat around 1400. We get a good berth but they are short on water.

Long walk in the afternoon and great pizza in the Galeb pizzeria.

 vakantie2017 031

August 14 we made a short 2 hour sail to the island Ist, we find a buoy in the anchorage and we do the run up to the little chapel on top of the mountain. We cook pasta on board.

August 15th

We leave the anchorage at 0730, it’s a bit cooler now, clouded and windy. We are on the way to Simuni and there are no other ships around. The closer we get to Pag the stronger the wind gets.

We pass South of Olib, white horses everywhere and the waves are getting bigger. In the end it is gusting 7 and we are happy to arrive to a safe berth and clean showers in the ACI marina. Luxury today! It took us almost 4 hours.vakantie2017 036

August 16th Long haul to Rab, leaving at 08.15 we sail course 330. At 0945 we have Novalja on starboard. Little wind from the West, later turning to NW, force 2. At 11.50 we round the top of Pag island and we can see the church towers of Rab where we arrive at 12.30. Tomorrow’s forecast for the Velebitski Channel is Bora force 6-7.BabsSept2017 562

August 17th . We wait till the noon forecast to see if the Bora is turning up but it looks good and at 1400 we leave for the 4 hour trip to Krk. Nice weather and a NW3. Tomorrow Wanderer goes out of the water.


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