North Adriatic

On the way to Silba we are greeted by dolphins, they come quite close to the boat and we can clearly see them but I don’t want to disturb and we slowly continue our way. The weather is warm and the NE wind very light.

ToSilbaDolphins 1657

On Silba there is no electricity but the solar panels on top of the bimini work great. They only work for the refrigerator as we have a solar powered anchor light and we use the inverter only when the engine is running. In the evening we catch the weather forecast on the restaurant’s Wi-Fi and I can’t believe my eyes; strong Bora again starting Friday evening, warnings for 70 knots wind in the Velebitski channel. We change our plans and we will leave the next morning, Friday.

arrival Rab

From Silba we go to Rab, a good place to spend the time while Bora is making havoc. It’s a reasonably long haul but we have a good strong wind in the back and we make excellent speed.

In the evening the wind changes to NE and the party starts. I have doubled the mooring lines and also removed the bimini. Just to be sure. In the night everyone is out adjusting lines and checking their boats.


We meet some friends and family while we are in Rab and we visit the highest mountain on the island. It’s hard to keep standing up straight with the wind blowing. The old city is beautiful and this is one of the crew’s favorites.

The storm gradually blows out but when we finally leave on Monday morning we still have to battle wind force 6, gusts 7 until we reach Krk bay but that’s not an issue with our Monsun.

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