2016 August

Wednesday was a long trip. We left at 0600 on the engine and later sailing to the Island of Molat to the South, passing Ilovik and the Greben, gale warnings on the VHF. We fixed the lines to the quay before 1400. In Molat we could take on much needed freshwater and cold beer.

To Molat 433

On the Thursday we did a short hop South to the marina in Veli Iz, it was just 3 hours away. We were the first ship in and were able to moor stern first, with a lot of pulling and pushing J, anticipating a full harbour later.

Groceries done and we had a good meal with salads, cheese and fish.

From Veli Iz we went underway to the small harbour of Tkon. No meteo warnings today.

underBridge 797

We passed under the bridge between the islands Ugljan and Pasman. Arriving at Tkon we noticed that the building activities where still going on and after a short meeting with the crew, we steamed on to the bay at Murter where we dropped anchor in 4.2 meters.


Various other ships were anchored here. I was able to get diesel with the dinghy. Good sport. Last fuel station was on Cres, a week ago. Also there is a Konzum and a lot of restaurants.

On Sunday morning 07.30 anchor up and we went to the Marina in Biograd na Mare. We spotted some dolphins further away. ETA 11.30. Good facilities and friendly personnel there. The charter boats where still leaving and we were watching the hustle before we went off to the beach. In the afternoon we visited the old town and the crew went shopping. I checked the rigging again and the oil.

Biograd 1093

The weather forecast was not good at all with thunder storms and a new Bora coming in the afternoon so we left immediately for a the 2 hours trip on the engine to Sukosan. The last hour we could see and hear the thunder and I was happy to be in the harbour. This is a new marina with luxury facilities and has its own beach complete with deck chairs and a bar.


We stay here for 2 days, we see the SAR boat go out a couple of times and hope nobody got into serious trouble. The second day we take the bus to Zadar to explore, the marina has its own bus stop.

Wednesday morning we depart at 07.30 and go under the bridge at 08.15 for the second time and from there we go north again; we pass Veli Iz at 09.25. The NW wind is a bit chilly. We plan to have Wanderer hauled out in Krk the coming Sunday. It’s been 6 years ago when we were last time in Ist. Around 1400 we arrive and are lucky to catch the last buoy. It looks like we are in Italy, looking at the flags of the other ships.

ToIst 1582

Ist, like it’s neighbour Molat, is stunning and has a big sandy beach. Weather forecast is good and we decide to go to the island Silba tomorrow.

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