Summer 2013 Week 3


August 18. Nice trip to Veli Iz, I love this area. No weather warnings, beautiful weather. We tried to get diesel at the fuel station half way at Zaglav but when we saw all the motor boats racing towards the harbour and all the others already waiting I decided to go on without, we still have some reserve.

I am not exactly sure how much diesel our Perkins uses and as we have no fuel gauge, it is always a bit of a guess and I want to stay on the safe side. That is why I carry several jerry cans in the cockpit locker. We pass Ugljan island with its Venetian castle which we climbed last year.


Close to Veli Iz two motorboats feel the urgent need to pass us just before the harbour entrance, one on each side, I have to keep my course and their waves almost get the spaghetti on the floor.  Veli Iz is very nice. A good protected harbour with hot showers, nice restaurants and shops for fruit, vegetables and all you need is boat. Very relaxed. Our berth was this time in the inner harbour, next to a friendly Italian family on their Bavaria. Here we had the best food of the whole trip and friendly service. Make sure you have a reservation.


August 19-21. Visiting Molat. It’s a 4-5 hours trip to Molat from Veli Iz, stunning views as we go along the islands, and we had great sailing. We passed Sestrunj close by, which looks worth a visit next year.


Arriving in Molat we’re lucky and get a nice place at the quay, right next to the coffee bar. The barometer reading now 5 points down and the weather forecast is a strong Bora for the next two days. More and more boats come to find shelter and the place fills up quickly and even more have to find another berth or sail to the anchorage more North on the island. This is not a bad place to be stuck; actually it is one of my favourites. Lots of wind and big seas on the other side of the island next day. We had long walks here to most sides of the Island and enjoyed ourselves. I could stock up on diesel and fresh bread, doughnuts and apple pie were sold at the quay in front of the boat every morning. Nice strong espresso was served at the coffee bar opposite us. Girls were swimming and reading, peace and quiet. We ate pizza in the cockpit for dinner.



August 22. Our usual early departure. I already paid the harbour dues the previous evening, the weather has settled. We went on the outside of the Islands, via Ist and Skradar. The wind was still NE Beaufort 4-5 until we reached the island Olib but afterwards it turned to NW force 2-3. We were high on the wind towards Rab were we dropped the anchor in the bay just outside the town. We originally planned to stay in the ACI but the personnel were not exactly friendly, same like last year, so I turned the ship around and we left. They have obviously a management problem and I am not going to spend money there. It was now 15.30 and as we did approximately 40 miles today, it was time to get the dinghy in the water and see the town for ice cream. Later in the evening we see the Marina is still only half full and that doesn’t surprise me. Rab town is magnificent.

August 23. Back to Krk.

Exciting last day, we are crossing the Velebitski part between Rab and Krk in a Bora. Beaufort 5-6, more in gusts, waves to match that. Spray flying all over and soon I am completely wet. Lots of water on deck. Crew is holding tight in the cockpit but all are happy smiling and trusting ‘Wanderer’. The captain hopes that the wind will not further increase. No chance to shoot a video or pictures as I need both hands on the helm. When we get closer to Krk Island I can ease the course and we get the wind and waves from the quarter and we even get comfortable! Unfortunately not much later the genua rips in a gust, which is going to be a trip to the sail maker! He will also replace the worn uv-strip.

Later that day the weather clears, we are approaching Krk city and our HR Monsun is hauled out of the water.