Wake up, winter is gone!

After a long but pleasant drive we arrived on Krk last week.

Wanderer 2013 028

The weather was nice but not so hot, excellent to get some repair and maintenance done. There was hardly any water in the bilge so the tarp did its work but I knew about at least 1 leak on deck and I found another as well. Unfortunately the new one was above the bookshelf and ruined my “Adriatic Pilot”.

Wanderer 2013 038Wanderer 2013 037

Both of these I re-bedded, and I am sure I have some more work to do in that department. I then installed the solar panel and the Votronic MPP regulator, pretty straightforward and works immediately. No more worries about empty batteries. On the Monsun forum (www.forum.monsun.nl) I found a good tip on replacing the cabin lights with LED’s and that’s what I did as well. More energy saving. I put together the new radar reflector and I changed the old wet exhaust for a new Vetus LNP model. This was not so easy as I had to laminate some wood on the inside hull which is holding it in place. By re-working some of the water pipes we now also have a pressurised cockpit shower.

Wanderer 2013 040

I replaced the 220 V battery charger with a new Sterling 20 watt charger, re-greased the seacocks, sanding & varnishing where needed, a big spring cleaning inside and outside, filled all the diesel containers, new sheets for the genua and set up the anchor arrangements (we have now 3 anchors on board)

Wanderer 2013 041

Ready to go into the water!

Wanderer 2013 046

1 thought on “Wake up, winter is gone!

  1. If you do not mind, would you at some point give a short comparison between the Vega and the HR? I have some experience sailing my dads old Folkboat, but would like to get into longer trips, including solo sailing and blue water. My choice is between a Vega (affordable) and saving up for another 2-3 years to get a HR, probably the 29 or the Monsun. How would you describe the differences, and for whom would it be worth investing the extra saving time and money for the HR? The Vega is much cheaper to buy, where does this show? Just the luxury or real performance and safety? Thanks for your time! 🙂

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