It is still snowing here, I wonder if it ever stops.

Temperatures in Croatia look a lot better, pity it is a bit too far away to drive there in the weekend. At least I could finish the preliminary holiday route. Nothing fixed in stone because it will depend on the wind and weather. Illovik, Molat, Rab, Silba and Dugi Otok are on the list and hopefully we get as much South as Brac and Hvar this year. I prefer the Nothern part of the Adriatic as it is more quiet. My 2 tillers (1 spare) are also ready and shiny from the Epifanes, I also ordered chain and rode for the Rocna, a new radar reflector and I am setting up a solar energy system. I will build this up complete with panel, regulator, cable and fuses at home. This will hopefully save me some time installing it when we arrive at the boat. This will give us some additional power to stay longer away from civilisation. It will also help to keep the batteries topped up while we are away from the boat.

Some things which need to be done are new running rigging, netting between the life lines and we will need a new steering autopilot since the previous one, an old Autohelm 1000, broke finally last summer.


New tiller

Monsun 840

Old tiller, now renovated and will be our spare.

Monsun 832



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