Rocna arrived!


One thing our surveyor wrote to me in his report, before we bought our Hallberg Rassy Monsun, was that the anchor was a bit small for the size and weight of our ship.

The anchor in question is a 12,5 kg CQR on a nylon rode.

John Vigor, in his perfect book “the seaworthy off shore sailboat” recommends a 16 kg plough anchor for boats 31-40 ft in length.

Now, we do plan to anchor a lot more in the future and therefore we need to have an absolutely mega safe anchor system. Normally when anchoring for the night I sleep on deck with the GPS alarm set. A good anchor will avoid a grumpy captain who didn’t sleep the whole night. Nobody wants a grumpy captain.

Anchors must be one of the most popular topics in boat and yacht forums, but also in yacht literature. Having read a lot of these and doing a lot of research and asking questions I choose a 15 kg Rocna with 50 meters of 8mm chain. Yes, I know it is a bit on the heavy side and an expensive choice but since I am not taking any risks with safety I will not have it any other way.

The CQR will be our spare and we have also a 8 kg Bruce which is normally standby when we are manoeuvring in close quarters (long keel!). I remember wanting to throw it out going into the Marina port, coming from Split, with a 30 knots headwind when I was passed by two big motor boats, at the last moment, just before the entrance and who then blocked everything because they couldn’t decide where to berth.