Wanderer in Croatia!

When we bought our Hallberg Rassy Monsun….

After sailing two Albin Vega’s for many many years, having two growing up daughters and some savings in the bank, we decided we were ready for a bigger ship. The new ship should be pretty, classic, strong, long-keeled, high quality, big enough for four but still be suitable for single handed sailing.

I researched (yes, already for years) and looked at a lot of ships but the Monsun always came on top of my lists.

The Monsun looks like a bigger and prettier Vega and when we first inspected her on a cold and rainy day in Holland we were sold immediately. So much space inside (yes, I know this sounds funny if you have a Bavaria but this is comparing with the Albin Vega), standing head room and bunks where you can fully stretch. Outside a deep cockpit and everything looks sturdy and seaworthy. After another inspection with my father we couldn’t find any fault with her except that the teak deck needs replacement.

On the other hand, she had a brand new engine, sails in reasonable shape, well equipped and my wife liked her too (not unimportant) and we could make a good deal with the broker.

Now we still had to get her to CroatiaImage

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